How razors are a game-changer

How razors are a game-changer -

Lately, head shaving has been a trendy hairstyle among men and is widely perceived across the globe. But one thing everyone agrees on is that without the right tools and kit, head shaving is one of the most difficult tasks to complete. Men have been shaving their heads since time immemorial for various reasons, but recently head shaving has also been adopted as a prominent hairstyle. We come across men who are either celebrity actors, sportsmen and also common men who have either happily or despondently accepted their bald heads for many underlying reasons. But when we talk about shaving tools, the industry has also evolved from conventional razors to Head shaver who have worked to make head shaving more convenient and easy.

For many years, traditional razors have been the only popular head shaving tool that has been widely used by salons and also individuals. But with time and technology, things have changed, and such options are being looked at, which can be a safer and easier alternative to the razors. And this is where the Bald Head Shaver comes into play.

How is a razor a better option than razors?

  • Shaving the head is different from shaving the face where it differs not only in size but also in shape. So the razor that you used to shave your beard regularly may not be particularly the right tool to shave off your hairs for a bald look. Shaving the head means running the blade through more space and also through areas without proper visibility, such as the back of the head. This makes shaving with a razor risky as you could end up injuring or injuring yourself.
  • In a razor, the hair is cut with a single stroke of the blade, so the skin is directly exposed to damage, whereas in the case of an electric shaver, the hair is cut between two blades, like a pair of scissors, and so it is a safer alternative.
  • The electric shaver is designed to press down on the skin and create an arc wave, whereas a shaver lifts the hair from the follicle before it is cut, and then there is a risk of razor burns on the skin.
  • Just as the shaver gives a smooth finish by lifting the hair before cutting, in the same way the skin in the electric shaver comes into contact with the hole of the foil and the hair is exposed to cutting to give a smooth and clean look.
  • The head shaver is ergonomically designed and is therefore easy to handle and operate while shaving your head. In addition, the rotating blades provide faster shaving time and can be a very time-efficient option. Manual shavers, on the other hand, are not flexible enough to move between contours and are also messy.

The advantages of an electric shaver:

How the electric shaver is a better option than a razor has already been achieved and now, if the benefits of using an electric shaver are considered, we must look at the features of an electric shaver and how it gives an upper hand. The floating head of an electric shaver offers a 360° shave by adapting to the curves and contours of the head and other shaving areas. Most electric shavers are available for both corded and cordless shaving and can therefore be the best tool for all shaving activities, even when you are travelling.

Moreover Shaver for bald head offers a mess-free shaving experience with its vacuum technology that collects the hairs equally shaved and is therefore widely accepted by people. In addition, they are a more convenient option for people with sensitive skin, as the technology used by the shaver prevents skin irritation or bumps. The latest electric shavers have successfully integrated the waterproof body so that the shavers can be used for both dry and wet shaving.

The electric shavers are also known to be durable and effective for a long time, so in the long run they are a cost-effective option compared to manual shavers where the blades need to be replaced regularly. The waterproof feature of the shavers means that they can also be used during a shower, which basically implies that you can shave anytime and anywhere with an electric shaver.

Most importantly, the shaving method of electric head shavers has been proven to be successful in shaving through areas of moles, freckles, scars and acne. Running a manual razor through these compromised areas would mean breaking the skin, which is definitely not an option.

Last word:

Looking at all the benefits that a Head Shaver brings, we can say that it is the solution to all shaving needs. Moreover, with the advent of self-shaving in the times of the covid crisis, the requirement and importance of the electric shaver has only increased. When salons closed their doors due to government regulations, people looked for alternative options for their shaving needs and shaving the head was the safest and most secure way to manage their hair. So amidst all this, the popularity of head shavers has reached new heights and can rightly be said to be the game-changer in the shaving industry. From salons to individuals, these shavers have come as a solution and practical option for everyone.

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